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U-Rent - Car, Van, Truck - Our Business
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U-RENT is a proudly South African fleet management company with predominantly women ownership and leadership. Since our establishment in the Eastern Cape in 2010, we have grown exponentially through enduring partnerships. Today, our reach extends to over 200 locations across South Africa and Botswana. This extensive network empowers us to deliver comprehensive fleet solutions nationwide, accompanied by round-the-clock on- and off-road support.


By choosing U-RENT as your partner, you gain access to a devoted team of qualified professionals who are genuinely dedicated to your satisfaction. Our consultants go above and beyond their duties as a matter of course, ensuring that your needs are met with unwavering commitment and personalised care. With U-RENT, you can trust that we'll always be there, by your side, ready to provide exceptional service and support.

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Industries we serve

Our streamlined solutions adapt to the unique needs of diverse industries, ensuring flexibility and long-term success. We seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology, systems, and processes to bring unparalleled transparency and efficiency.


From logistics and transportation to construction and healthcare, our comprehensive fleet management services cater to your specific requirements regardless of your industry. Our commitment to excellence empowers businesses across various sectors to optimise their operations and maximise productivity.


Experience the power of a fully integrated solution that streamlines your fleet management processes, enhances safety, and boosts your bottom line. Embrace the future of fleet management with our trusted, forward-thinking approach tailored to your success.


Whatever your industry, we’re here when and where you need us.

The U-RENT difference

U-RENT is not your typical fleet management company. We pride ourselves on delivering a truly unique and personalised end-to-end fleet and transport solution that revolves around you and your needs.

We offer more than you imagined, including:

Vehicle Rental Options - Specialist Drivers


U-Rent - Our Business - Assistants


U-Rent - Our Business - Loaders


Vehicle Rental Options - Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

U-Rent - Our Business - Service & Maintenance

Servicing & Maintenance

Vehicle Rental Options - Extentions

Long-Term Rentals

U-Rent - Our Business - Waiver For Collision Damage And Theft Loss

Waiver for Collision Damage and Theft Loss

U-Rent - Our Business - Custom Built Specialised Vehicles

Custom-Built Specialised Vehicles


U-RENT is a member of the Southern African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (SAVRALA) and the Association of Southern African Travel Agents (ASATA). We are also a member of business communities in our area. 

Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Constantly staying ahead of the curve, our team undergoes regular training to provide nothing short of attentive, cost-effective service. We're not here to impose rigid solutions; we want to hear your needs and make them a reality. Picture us as an extension of your team, seamlessly blending in and working together to achieve your goals. That's what a true partnership is all about.


Why settle for anything less than a tailored fleet solution? No complexity, no surprises, no problem.

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