U-Rent - Car, Van, Truck - About Us
U-Rent - Car, Van, Truck - About Us
U-Rent - Car, Van, Truck - About Us

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We move you, so you can move your business forward.

U-RENT is a full-service transport and fleet management solutions provider

We are Customer-driven and passionate about fostering long-term relationships through our wide range of services, proven systems, and unmatched service. Our team of qualified, committed, and driven individuals are with you every kilometre of the way. Whatever your transport or fleet management challenges, we have the answers.


People, partnerships, and pride in what we do and how we do it are what we value most. Everything we do has one primary purpose: nurturing our relationship with you to ensure your business moves forward.


We customise our solutions and services according to your needs, ensuring your experience is easy, convenient, and successful. We’re hands-on, engaged, committed, and only a phone call away, 24/7.


A heartfelt connection defines our team, from the warm welcome at reception to the skilled craftsmanship in our workshop, and throughout our dedicated Customer service and unwavering management support. We nurture a passion that drives us to continually grow and learn, enabling us to deliver attentive, cost-effective service that surpasses expectations. Our commitment to ongoing training ensures that we remain at the forefront, ready to serve you with genuine care and expertise.


Our experts know everything there is to know about making fleet management affordable, convenient, and limitless.

Let’s chat about how we can up the ante on your fleet management solution. No frills, no surprises, just precisely what you need at a price you’ll love.

U-Rent We Love Our Customers