U-Rent - Corporate Social Responsibility
U-Rent - Corporate Social Responsibility
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Always there for you. Always there for others.

Doing good business means doing good by others.


The initiatives we support align with our values and give us an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many people. In uplifting communities, we believe that we can gain valuable perspectives as a business.


U-RENT is proud to be associated with a number of charities that do outstanding work in our communities, including:


Hauling hope - Our commitment to community care

Food security is one of our society’s most pressing challenges, with many going hungry. At U-RENT, we care for the most vulnerable and often unseen. As a result, these struggling communities receive over 300 grocery hampers and 450 sandwiches each month.


Additionally, U-RENT teams have selflessly placed orders to donate blankets and help keep communities warm during icy weather.


These initiatives extend far beyond mere physical sustenance and warmth. It serves as a lifeline for those grappling with the harsh realities, bringing immediate relief to those facing the threat of hunger and weather conditions.


But it also signifies something much more profound - the powerful expression of empathy, a way of saying 'you matter' to those who may not feel as such.


Thank you to everyone for spreading kindness, compassion, and warmth.

Hauling hope - Our commitment to community care
We care for the most vulnerable and often unseen
Taking care of the vulnerable
Taking care of the vulnerable


From meals to hope - The lifesaving work of Umthambeka's Drop-In Centre

At the heart of the mission to ensure no child goes to bed hungry lies the incredible efforts of initiatives like the Umthambeka Primary School’s Drop-In Centre Feeding Scheme. A beacon of hope in Johannesburg, it provides not just food for underprivileged children, orphans, and those living with chronic illness but also a network of care - offering counselling, life skills development, and support to children receiving antiretroviral treatment.


For many children, the meal from the scheme is often the only nourishment they receive each day.


Recognising the dire need for continued support, especially over school holiday periods, U-RENT packed and distributed enough food parcels to sustain over 80 families for up to six weeks, with an additional 58 hampers provided to vulnerable people in the community.


However, there is always more to be done. Remember, every small act of kindness adds up to change the world. Contact Zinhle Buthelezi today to find out how you can contribute.

Umthambeka Primary School
Umthambeka Primary School’s Drop-In Centre Feeding Scheme
Umthambeka Primary School
U-RENT distributed enough food parcels to sustain over 80 families


Fuelling change - Akunamlilo's fight against shack fires

Born out of a deep understanding his community’s needs, Milton Mzobe established Akunamlilo in 2014. Inspired by a vision to combat the devastating impact of shack fires in informal settlements, Milton and his dedicated team have since worked ceaselessly to distribute fire extinguishers and crucial knowledge on fire response. Their efforts have shown that quick, informed action can not only contain the spread of a fire but also protect homes and, most importantly, save lives.


Empowering such local initiatives is essential to amplifying their impact. To this end, U-RENT has donated a bakkie to Akunamlilo to extend its reach to the communities most in need. In ensuring its service and maintenance, we at U-RENT have committed to aiding the continued work of Akunamlilo.


“We would like to thank U-RENT for their ongoing support. It was tough to complete our mission without a big car, but now we can go anywhere.” – Milton Mzobe Akunamlilo.


For more information or to donate to Akunamlilo Fire Fighters, visit the Akunamlilo website.

Combat the devastating impact of shack fires in informal settlements
Milton and his team have worked ceaselessly to distribute fire extinguishers
Akunamlilo's fight against shack fires
U-RENT have committed to aiding the continued work of Akunamlilo


Nurturing hope - the heartwarming story of Tshepang Care Centre's transformation


"In 2012, Sarah Sibiya, embarked on a journey guided by the word of God, leading her to the heart of Vusimuzi informal settlement in Thembisa. Her mission was simple yet profound: to extend a helping hand to those in need.


In January 2013, Tshepang, meaning ‘Have Hope’, officially became a beacon of light in the lives of over 500 children, ranging from 1 to 20 years old. This remarkable Non-Profit Organization transformed into a haven, radiating hope in what once seemed like a hopeless corner of the world.


The heartwarming aspect of this story lies in the immense support received from individuals, groups, churches, and generous corporate entities.


One such heartfelt gesture came from U-Rent Car, Van, and Truck Rental, a company with a compassionate spirit. Their team visited the Care Centre, bringing not just supplies, but smiles and hope.


They provided essential items such as food, warm blankets, and Palesa sanitary pads, ensuring the children’s basic needs were met. Additionally, their thoughtful touch was seen in the form of delightful gift boxes, bringing joy and laughter to the faces of all the children.

Through this collective effort, the Care Centre blossomed into a place of nurturing and growth, offering vital resources such as a Kitchen, Library, Early Childhood Development facility, Bedrooms, Office, and Living room. These amenities not only cater to immediate needs but also nurture the dreams and aspirations of the community, especially the children.


At U-RENT, we believe in doing more than just providing high-quality, affordable transportation solutions. We stand on the pillars of social responsibility, reaching out to those less fortunate and transforming lives, one rental at a time.

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